September 13, 2012

Top Five Tourist Attractions of India

India, the name itself defines mystery unfold, diversity, charming beauty, rich culture and heritage. The country offers a complete treat to the eyes by offering incredible sights of mountainous and hilly areas of north-east, sandy and desert of Rajasthan and parts of Gujarat, Indo-Gangetic Plain in South and unmatchable natural beauty ofJ ammu & Kashmir Valley. So, expect the unexpected in India. Here are the five tourist destinations in India to explore and experience the diversity that the nation comes to beckon with:

Taj Mahal:

Taj Mahal is the world-famous monument of love. One of the Seven Wonders of the World, Taj Mahal is built by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in the memory of his beloved wife, Mumtaz Mahal.

Backwaters of Kerala:

Moving from the Taj Mahal to the backwaters of Kerala in south of India can be a wholesome different experience for any traveler. Surrounded by water with tall coconut trees interspersed in between, Kerala comes to you as the perfect metaphor for ‘God’s own country’. Enjoy exploring the countryside in a boat ride..


People who love trekking and exploring the natural richness can visit Gangtok, the capital city of Sikkim. You can enjoy watching the glimpses of Kanchenjunga mountain ranges or visit monasteries to experience the true enjoyment amidst calm and collective surroundings.

Beaches in Goa:

Goa, also known as the ‘Pearl of the Orient’ is a must visit for all travelers who come to India. The city has beautiful beaches and you can feel relaxed and refreshed after stepping on them once. If you are an architecture enthusiast, ancient Portuguese styled houses, buildings and churches are a must for a dekko.

Golden Temple in Amritsar:

TheGoldenTempleis an important tourist destination ofIndia. It is the holiest shrine of the Sikh religion. The temple is situated in a pool of water (better known as ‘Amrit Sarovar’) with a beautiful golden summit.

Visiting above five main destinations will give you a glimpse of the diversity that Indiais so popular to be known with. To start with your planning now, visit the website at or India travel guide for more information.


September 4, 2012

Cheap Flights to india

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Cheap Flights to india

Flights To India

India, a country where history, vibrant culture, colour, cuisine and nature exhibit more diversity than nearly anywhere in the world, from snow dusted mountains perfect for skiing to sun-washed beaches, tranquil temples to feisty festivals, lantern-lit villages to software-supremo cities, it’s hardly surprising that India has been dubbed the world’s most multidimensional country. India is a country of amazing paradoxes, where you can experience paradise on Earth in Kashmir and scuba diving off the shores of the amazing Andaman and Nicobar Islands in the Indian Ocean. It’s a perfect fusion of the modern and the historic. From monuments like the Taj Mahal, to the White sandy beaches of Goa, to the scenic views by the River Ganges. From the mighty Himalayas in the North with popular trekking routes in Ladakh and Sikkim, to the serene backwaters of Kerala. From the receptive host of globe trotters in Delhi, to the razzle and dazzle of Bollywood in Mumbai. From the splendor of Varanasi to the sculptures of love in Khajuraho. India has it all and much more. It is a country with excellent airport, train and highway links from city to city.
India is an eternally popular destination and indeed a mini universe by itself, promising to leave you mesmerized. So come and discover it with us, where you can sit back, relax and enjoy the sights & sounds of India. With flights to India made easily available from all UK cities like London, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Manchester and many others there are great flight deals available with Air India, Jet Airways, Virgin Atlantic, British Airways and many more. Book your cheap flight to India with Oceans Travel.

February 4, 2012

Amritsar to be a major tourist destination

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Though tourists visit this holy city in big numbers, but to attract more visitor’s plans are underway to promote it as a major tourist destination.

To improve services and infrastructure for the tourists is on top of the agenda.

“People of all religions from across the world visit Sri Harmandir Sahib, Durgiana Temple and Jalianwallah Bagh.

And, City’s municipal corporation is dedicated to facilitating their visit. Shiromani Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee (SGPC) has started a bus service from Amritsar Railway Station to Sri Harmandir Sahib and other pilgrimage sites such as Khadur Sahib and Goindwal Sahib.

Air-conditioned buses also ply for foreign tourists. SGPC is committed to attracting religious tourists to Sri Harmandir Sahib and Amritsar city,” said Ajaybir Pal Singh Randhwa, Sr. Deputy Mayor of Amritsar.

In a bid to offer security and better services to tourists in Amritsar, the Punjab Government recently organized the Tourism Police.

The Centre has agreed in principle to grant five million dollars for developing Amritsar as a major tourist destination. Of that one million dollars have already been sanctioned under the Normal Destination Development Scheme for the city.

Amritsar travel, Golden temple

January 23, 2012

Popular Festivals in Amritsar

Festivals of Amritsar reflects to the vibrant cultural and the traditional performance. The festivals of Amritsar are connected to the different religious and the mythical significance. The festivals of the Amritsar are renowned by the excited citizens of the city. It is a perfect place to celebrate a holiday. You will reveal your own inner spirit there after taking cheap Amritsar flights.

Amritsar is not much popular for festivals but its festivals are worth attending. People love to attend these festivals and buy different local items. Among many a few popular festivals including as follow

Ram Tirath Fair: This is considered as the significant religious event of the city. This fair is organized at place which is known as the Ram Tirath. It is held on full moon day in the month of November every year. It is a four to five day event.  From the city centre of theAmritsar this place is located at a distance of the 11 km. This place is considered as the pilgrimage site for thePunjab at which the fair took place. Visitors frequently take cheap flights to Amritsar fromUK. During the event pilgrims take bath in the water of sacred tank which is believed to be dug by Hanuman. Pilgrims come in the morning to attend the fair. The most attractive feature of fair you would like to attend after taking cheap flights toAmritsar is the songs and hymns with lamps floating into tank by women, which is believed to wash off all the sins.

 Basant Panchami: This is a festival which stands as the important one in the district. This festival is more famously celebrated at the Gurudwara of the Chheharta Sahib which hosts the festival with the suitable support by the local community. The major attraction of the event visitors taking flights to Amritsar like the most is the competition of kite flying. Which is very old tradition related with this festival. This fair starts early morning and continues till late night.  The Bhandara is also held during this festival where the visitor can have the lunch which is free.

Diwali at Golden Temple: It is the most popular Sikh tradition to celebrate Diwali. All people in general and Sikh particularly take flights toAmritsarIndia to join this festival. This event is also known as Bandhi Chod Diwas in Sikh History. It is celebrated in the second half of October or November atGoldenTemple. It is a festival of lighting the temple and its surroundings are illuminated with a chain of colourful lights. Every year huge crowds of tourists take cheap flights to Amritsar India from UK.

Guru Purab: It is one of the important festivals ofAmritsar. Every year two of the festival takes place. One is celebrated in the month of the November when it is the birthday of the Guru Nanak Devji and the other one is celebrated in the month of the January when it is the birthday of the Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Both the festivals are celebrated with the great enthusiasm and the energy. The langars are organized free of cost at the time of Guru Purab. Every year enormous crowds of tourists take cheap flights to Amritsar India from UK to join this festival.

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